Это история о библиотеке

  Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library - one of the oldest libraries in Ukraine. It was opened April 10, 1866 in Zhytomyr a public library almost simultaneously with the Kiev and Kamenetz-Podolsk.

  The importance of the library, its role in the cultural life of the period shows that almost simultaneously with the opening of the library, if it was a museum.

  Now this Zhytomyr Regional Museum. December 2, 1900 in the library held an organizational meeting of the "Society of Volyn" - one of the first in Ukraine scientific lore companies.

  Symbolic is that after a long break in 1990 in the library the Constituent Assembly scientific Local History Society of Volyn (Zhytomyr), which reopened.

  Library services at different times used Kotsyubynsky Michael Alexander Kuprin, Alexander Brown, Alexander Dovzhenko, John Poker, Gregory Machtet Lev Nikulin, Basil Countryman, Boris Tan and many other famous people.

  In 1937, during the formation of the Zhytomyr Regional Library has acquired the status of regional and since then has become information-methodological and coordinating center for library science and bibliographies for libraries of all systems and departments area.

  In 1978 the library was built to the standard design specialized premises in the city center. It created suitable conditions for fruitful work with the book and meaningful leisure.