Center for People with Disabilities of Zhytomyr

The Center for People with Disabilities is designated for Zhytomyr region

The Center was established in 2013 by U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and was the first program in our region to focus on the educational and social needs of people with disabilities.
Over our history, the Center has grown into one of the inportent programs in the Zhytomyr and is recognized as a pioneer in research, training, technical assistance, and services for children and adults with disabilities, families, and the professionals who serve them.

Our Mission:
We are working together to create inclusive communities and improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families through sustainable innovation, collaborative research, responsive service, and interdisciplinary training and education.

Our Values:

We Innovate:
We lead by developing dynamic, sustainable, forward-thinking programs and services.

We Include:
We demonstrate how to effectively work toward inclusive communities in our planning, programs, and services.

We Collaborate:
We forge partnerships. Working together makes us more effective and responsive to the current needs of our clients and communities.

We Care:
We do what we do because we care. We are making the world a better place for people with disabilities and their families.

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Our Projects: