The Rules Using Library

Extracts from rules

"... The right to use the library provided by individuals and legal entities of Ukraine and other countries, regardless of their social origin and property status, race and nationality, sex, education, language signs, religion, place of residence.

Users of the library are free:

  •     Get information about the presence of a particular document or books;
  •     Get information about the composition of the library collection in content and types of documents;
  •     Get consultative assistance in choosing the sources of information;
  •     Get a documents in reading rooms;
  •     Free attend various events, exhibitions and book reviews;
  •     Submit requests for research items in our base storage."

Renew or Validate Your Card

All adult, teen and child library cards for cardholders in the Zhytomyr expire and must be renewed every year. You must visit Public Library location to present the required forms of identification in order to renew or validate their card.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Card

Cardholders are responsible for all items on a card, all use made of the card and all charges made against it until it is reported lost or stolen. If your card is lost or stolen, inform the library immediately.